Summer… and SUN… and all things HOT!

{Sorry, just had to quote Olaf, from Frozen there} _DSC7070 fuison WEB

Happy official first day of summer everyone!

I know that I have been a bit MIA online. I took on way too much, while in the midst of becoming a mother of two. {We all believe we are Super Woman, do we not?} For some strange reason, I felt that while I stumbled around, transitioning my entire life with a newborn, that I should also try to revamp my entire webpage, blog, Facebook, and spruce up my logo. {Crazy I know!}

So with that, something had to give a little. And my family, as I am sure most of you will agree, comes first in everything. So Photography by Second Nature kinda got the backseat for a bit. Like squashed between two car seats, covered in Cheerios, under a blanket… backseat!

But here I am! Inching my way back, as now I begin to re-balance my routine and snag a tiny bit more time to be presence in the social media world!

Which turned out to be perfect timing. Because my best friend is due with her first baby next month. So guess who’s bump will be sneaking a peek in a few weeks!! Ekk, the shoot was today & I am crazy excited to share with all of you soon! So get ready…

Soon I will start making more of a regular appearance on your news feed. Since my first goal will be bringing you new, awesome, & interesting blog posts every week. Posting a new image & a link to click. Which will bring you right here to the newest post! I will be sharing everything from session sneak peeks, to yummy recipes I’m trying.  With a bit more of a personal touch as I share stories and goofy moments of my everyday adventures with my girls. Plus brand new tips just for you! From help to answer those “what do I wear” questions, to great ideas you can do with your photos. And a fun series of photography tips… which will help YOU take better snapshots in your everyday life.

I can’t wait to jump back in! But this time sticking my big toe in the pool first, not jumping in with my clothes on…

Always live in the moment <3 Meghan





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